• 18.April

    Letters of Support for Cinema Europa

    Many institutions, organisations and public figures have supported Zagreb Film Festival team in their efforts to continue with activities and have sent letters of support among which are Europa Cinemas, Slavoj Žižek, Sarajevo Film Festival, Geraldine Chaplin, Danis Tanović, Marija Škaričić, Rajko Grlić, Ljubljana Film Festival, European Film Academy, Pula Film Festival, Damir Karakaš, Lana Barić, and many others.

    ‘I’m deeply saddened by the recent news about the uncertain future of Cinema Europa. Tha...

  • 11.April

    City of Zagreb Wants to Close Down Cinema Europa

    The City of Zagreb made a decision to close down the Cinema Europa on 1 June 2019 in order to perform unannounced non-transparent renovation. For this reason, they decided not to extend the contract to the current lease holder – Zagreb Film Festival Artistic Organisation who has successfully run Cinema Europa for over ten years.

    The Cinema Europa opened its doors after the campaign launched by Zagreb Film Festival and Croatian Film Association under the name Gimme the Cinema in 2006. At that...

  • 12.March

    Subtitled Tuesday 'Woman at War'

    On March 12, our regular screening program 'Subtitled Tuesday' (with English subtitles included) will present the Icelandic eco-feminist parody 'Woman at War' directed by Benedikt Erlingsson. Screening starts at 9 p. m.


    A quirky action comedy about a fifty-year-old choir teacher Halla known in the media only as “the Mountain Woman”, who secretly wages a war on the local aluminum industry. But the passionate environmental mission to protect the pristine Icelandic Highlands will become a...

  • 19.February

    Subtitled Tuesday 'Mali'

    On February 19, our regular screening program 'Subtitled Tuesday' (with English subtitles included) will present the Croatian crime drama 'Mali' directed by Antonio Nuić. Screening starts at 7:20 p. m.


    Four years in prison haven't changed Franjo. He was, and remains, a drug dealer. His wife is dying, and her parents are trying to present him as an incompetent parent in order to take away the custody over his son, Mali. However, Mali loves his father, and wants to live with him. Franjo's p...