• 19.September

    Subtitled Tuesday: 'Trieste, Yugoslavia'

    On September 19, our regular screening program 'Subtitled Tuesday' (with English subtitles included) will present 'Trieste, Yugoslavia' directed by Alessio Bozzer, a nostalgic documentary about simpler times when you had to travel across the Italian border for a piece of capitalist heaven, and Piazza Ponterosso in the center of Trieste („the largest shopping mall of the Balkans„) became a mythical destination for every Yugoslav citizen. Screening starts at 7 p. m.   


    In the 1970s and 1980s the object that symbolized this myth was a pair of blue jeans. During those years millions of Slavs traveled at least once or twice a year to Trieste on a major shopping spree. However, the war in Yugoslavia ended it all. This is a story about smuggling, emancipation, geopolitics, fashion and an introduction to the world we are living in today. The film is a mosaic of stories and testimonies, from both sides of the border, that tries to recall those fabulous years. Many famous public figures talk about their experiences and memories, among others the actor Rade Šerbedžija, writer Slavenka Drakulić and musician Goran Bregović.