• 18.travanj

    Subtitled Tuesday: 'Name: Dobrica, Last Name: Unknown'

    On 18 May our regular screening program 'Subtitled Tuesday' (with English subtitles included) will present the Serbian film Name: Dobrica, Last Name: Unknown directed by Srđa Penezić. Screening starts at 6:30 p. m.


    This is a story, actually a fairytale for adults, that expresses how life could be beautiful, if only mankind would get out of its own way and enjoy it for a change. Dobrica hasn't exactly been pampered by life. His parents abandoned him when he was a baby and he got thrown at a dumpster. Although he has spent most of his life in an orphanage and prison, thanks to his mild nature he only sees the good in people. At first, they laugh at and dismiss Dobrica’s naiveness, but soon his good heartedness disarms them. And then Dobrica falls in love with a social outcast – a prostitute and junkie.


    The leading role of Dobrica is played by renowned actor Slavko Štimac, famous for his roles in the films Do You Remember Dolly Bell? and Underground by Emir Kusturica. ‘Dobrica’ was screened as part of the competition programme at this year’s 14th edition of Zagreb Film Festival